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Vintage and Modern Toy Fair welcomes preapproved dealers to book tables for our April show. You should only make a booking if you were provided the link directly by showrunners. If you were not and would like to be a part of the show please send email to Bookings for standalone tables will be undertaken at a later date. (Any unauthorised booking here will be cancelled and refunded)


AHSMA or All Hobbies Swap Meet Australia was created to provide events, places and venues for modelers, hobbiests, the cottage industry,retailers and others to buy, sell, swap, trade or promote new, used and second hand goods they have. This could be people selling off collections, people selling items surplus to requirements and collectors buying, selling and swapping their collections. These are all hobby events and may and can include everything related to hobbies, models, toys and collectibles such as cars


As in previous years, the core objectives of the Australian Model Expo are:

  • To host an exhibition of plastic scale modelling for the modelling community and to showcase the hobby to the general public.
  • To host and conduct The Australian Open Plastic & Scale Model Championship
  • Ensure the ongoing existence of the Australian Model Expo as the premier event on the modelling calendar.
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